About Legal Tech Consultants

With the pace of technology changing at breakneck speeds, there’s no time like the present to get started on your next endeavor.

What We Do

Legal Tech Consultants is a dynamic collective of seasoned professionals who have dedicated our careers to innovating the legal vertical.

Our expertise is drawn from a rich tapestry of experiences that total over a century in the industry, covering realms from corporate legal and legal operations to the intricate mechanics of law firm IT and innovation.

Our proficiency doesn’t stop there. We have hands-on experience in litigation and transaction practice systems, eDiscovery, and the vibrant world of legal tech startups.

Meet our Founder

Cheryl is an outcome-focused executive with over two decades of comprehensive experience pioneering new capabilities and products within the startup and legal ecosystems. Driven to solve complex problems with a unique mix of data, gut-instinct, and creativity, she’s an expert at leveraging natural human tendencies to design and implement transformative business processes that reduce friction and put people first.

Our Team

Our people are everything

We believe that every legal team has the potential to be a trailblazer. Our innovation programs are designed to uncover this potential, helping you develop forward-thinking strategies and implement disruptive technologies that set you apart from the competition.

Strategic growth and marketing design and planning, sales operations, business development, eDiscovery, legal technology.

Fractional CIO, strategic technology design and planning, tech implementation.

eDiscovery, data analytics, data governance.

eDiscovery, legal technology, event planning and promotion.

Early-stage companies, sales and business development, eDiscovery. (Advising Member)