It’s not a tagline. It’s what we do.

We work with our clients to dream big, to grow companies, to do something different. If you’ve got a complex problem, a great idea, or don’t know what the next step in your journey should be, make Legal Tech Consultants your next call.

Tailored services to drive growth

We recognize that every business is different, which is why we dedicate time and effort to meet your team, thoroughly assess your market position, growth objectives, and overall vision.

From strategic planning and road mapping to product development, market validation, sales and marketing strategy development, talent acquisition, team building, financial planning, and performance tracking, we cover all aspects of scaling your startup or launching your new product in the legal tech space.

Strategic Services

Unlock your startup’s full potential with tailored strategies for tech trailblazers.

Target Market Development and Buyer Persona Creation

Enhances marketing and sales efforts by ensuring a clear understanding of who the customers are and how to effectively reach them. Workshops and tools to assist in defining a precise target market and creating detailed buyer personas. Includes training on analyzing market data and customer behavior.

Content Creation and Thoughtful Leadership

Establishes the client’s brand as a thought leader in the legal tech space, enhancing credibility and attracting both customers and potential partners. Assistance in creating high-quality content like white papers, research reports, and webinars, leveraging the founders’ expertise and insights. This service includes support in both creation and distribution strategies.

Product Strategy and Development

Ensure that your product development is focused and aligned with market needs, preventing feature overload and facilitating sustainable growth. Our experts work with you to build a compelling product roadmap aligned to your sales objectives and provide guidance on prioritizing product features and functionalities and balancing user feedback with core product vision. Assistance in developing MVPs that are viable and market-ready.

Market Intelligence and Trend Analysis

We leverage our deep connections across the legal tech industry to develop in-depth market analysis and trend reports specific to your area of interest within the legal vertical,  offering insights into competitive landscapes, funding opportunities, and emerging technologies. Designed to arm you with strategic intelligence to make informed decisions about product direction, market positioning, and investment opportunities.

Sales Strategy and Process Optimization

Tailored training and mentorship designed to help navigate the nuances of the legal procurement process, leading to more effective sales and better alignment with customer purchase cycles. Support in developing effective sales strategies and aligning them with customer expectations.

Marketing Strategy

Assistance in developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy. Includes guidance on content creation, social media management, and paid advertising, providing you with the necessary tools and knowledge to execute effective marketing campaigns, ensuring better market penetration and brand recognition.

Product-Market Fit Consultation

Using our hard-won industry experience network connections,  we help founders and product leaders validate their product ideas and refine them to better meet the needs of the legal market, increasing your chances of achieving product-market fit. Specialized consultations with our experts focusing on accurately identifying market gaps and developing solutions that align with customer expectations. This service includes market research, customer interviews, and competitive analysis.

Advisory Services

Tailored for founders seeking ongoing engagement from one of our experts, providing benefits like personalized guidance, strategic insights, and access to our community and resources. It’s geared towards helping you navigate the complexities of launching and growing your business in the legal tech industry. This service includes direct mentorship, connections to a broad network of potential investors, partners, and customers, and access to tools and educational materials. Following the positioning of these benefits, the service also focuses on addressing each startup’s unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring tailored advice and support to help you achieve your milestones and unlock your full potential.

Operational Services

Optimize your operations for accelerated growth with our expert services.

We specialize in driving engagement with and creating brand awareness with law firms and lawyers. We employ targeted digital marketing strategies, including content creation, search engine optimization, and tailored email campaigns. These efforts aim to increase your visibility in the legal sector, drive meaningful engagement with legal professionals, and generate leads that convert into clients. By understanding and addressing the unique needs of law firms and lawyers, we position your tech solutions effectively, giving you a competitive edge in the industry. Customized to your company’s specific goals and target audience,  engagements usually include some combination of:

  • Identification and establishment of the best digital marketing channels based on your brand and business objectives.
  • Planning, developing content for, and driving your company social media accounts.
  • Planning and building the foundations for a scalable marketing program, including creation and customization of tools like MailChimp and Hubspot.
  • Planning, developing content for, and driving your outbound email marketing program.
  • Designing and optimizing websites tailored to meet the unique needs and concerns of law firm and lawyer buyers, ensuring focused and effective engagement.

Our Event Services are designed to meticulously plan, coordinate, and manage a range of events tailored to the legal industry. This includes planning and coordinating your presence at trade shows, and organizing webinars and conferences, ensuring each event is seamlessly executed to meet your goals. Our team focuses on every detail, from concept to completion, to create impactful and memorable experiences for your attendees. We aim to provide a platform that not only enhances your brand visibility within the legal sector but also fosters meaningful connections with your target audience of law firms and lawyers.

  • Identification and securing of event sites designed to draw a legal audience.
  • Planning, coordination, and management of events, including trade shows, webinars, and conferences.
  • Recommendations on and design and procurement of swag, marketing collateral, and contests for events.
  • Hosting, speaker prep, and emcee services.

Our Innovation Roadshow is the premier platform for startups and emerging tech companies looking to showcase their cutting-edge legal technologies to top-tier law firms. By joining our roadshow, you gain direct access to key decision-makers in the legal industry, presenting your products in a setting that encourages hands-on exploration and in-depth discussion. We understand the importance of aligning your technology with the specific needs and goals of each firm, and our roadshow is designed to facilitate these strategic connections.

The Innovation Roadshow is a series of tailored, in-office showcases that range from intimate 1:1 Lunch and Learn’s to half-day events featuring multiple complementary technologies. Our goal is to create the perfect environment for your technology to shine, ensuring that your presentations resonate with the firm’s professionals and decision-makers. By working closely with you to understand your target customer, we secure a series of events that maximize your exposure and impact, paving the way for strategic partnerships, increased brand visibility, and transformative growth in the legal tech sector.

Our Fractional Leadership service provides your company with industry veterans who have a proven track record of success. These experts have experience in launching successful products, leading marketing and business development teams, and have even held buying roles in your target market. This wealth of experience ensures that your strategic initiatives, whether they involve planning, product launches, or managing teams, are led by professionals who understand the nuances and demands of law firms and lawyers, guaranteeing insightful guidance and impactful results.

  • Skilled professionals for guiding successful product launches in the legal sector.
  • Seasoned marketers for leading and executing legal industry-specific marketing strategies.
  • Professionals with buyer-side experience for enhanced client strategies.
  • Experts focused on establishing streamlining, and automating operational processes.
  • Experienced professionals for key roles on an interim or fractional basis, including Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Staff, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Product Officer, Customer Success, Product Advisor.