Strategic Intelligence for Legal Tech Transactions

Anyone can do diligence. You need intelligence.

Advisory Services & Strategic Due Diligence

Elevate your investment strategy with our expert insights.

Legal Tech Strategic Advisor

Want an insider on your team? We’ll monitor and report on areas of interest you identify, ensuring you stay ahead of your competition. Hear a rumor and want to know if it’s true? We’ll chase it down. Want to vet an idea? We’ll deliver preliminary research, all under a simple retainer.

Market Analysis

Leveraging our deep expertise and personal connections in the legal tech space, we deliver analysis on the target company’s specific category, relevant market trends, and competitive landscape. We’ll also share our firsthand insights into customer journeys, adoption, and procurement and how they impact the target company, often the least considered element when evaluating a company’s potential. We help you understand the market dynamics and the target company’s position within it in a way outsiders can’t.

Growth Potential

Whether you’re new to legal tech or expanding your investment, we’ll help ensure you have a 360-view of the target company’s growth potential. We assess the target company’s current go-to-market strategy and identify opportunities for new market development, new products, and diversification, as well as potential for increasing revenues of existing products and markets by changing pricing, marketing, distribution, or making minor product refinements. We’ll also consider synergies within your existing portfolio.

Management Evaluation

The modern workplace has changed, making a company’s management team as much a risk as an opportunity. We know from experience that it’s hard to get candid feedback from current employees about a company’s leadership. That’s why we include former employee interviews in our assessment of the target company’s management team. We ensure you understand not only the expertise, experience, and track record of key executives, but also any underlying issues you may want to investigate more deeply.

Security, Privacy, and Operational Risk Assessment

One area often missed during diligence is an assessment of non-financial risk. But, a single data breach costs an average of $10 million in the US. And fines for a privacy violation of GDPR are set at 4% of a company’s annual global revenues or 20 million euros, whichever is higher. Throw in procurement and supply chain risk, and you’re looking at an area that could dramatically change your view of the target company. While we can’t assure we’ll uncover every risk, our experience allows us to give you a clear understanding of what you’re buying.

Tailored services to drive growth

Whether you’re looking for a trusted advisor to bring you the latest or for domain expertise on a specific transaction, our decades of experience buying and selling technology in the legal sector can be your competitive advantage.

We maintain deep connections and engagement within legal, regularly speaking with CIOs, CLOs, General Counsels, Heads of Procurement, Innovation Officers, Legal Ops leaders and all the folks driving buying decisions. We keep our finger on the pulse with the latest tech, too, often being the first call when a founder wants to enter the legal space or begins a search for outside funding. We keep you ahead of the competition.